About us

AppWall is a development team composed by three friends. It's been created in 2010 for the publication of our first Android application Kidoikoiaki. First a simple idea, some years ago, it became a private website. Today, Kidoikoiaki comes back as a free mobile application to offer this service to many.

Team members

Shiv - Working with phones - User of the first web version. Specialized in mobile development and project management. Supporting the Android Application.

Kang - Numeric-goat keeper - User of the first web version. Sysadmin and specialized in PHP and Java development. Supporting the Android Application and developing the new website.

Yojimbo - Web page builder - Got the idea for Kidoikoiaki in February 2008 and developed the first web application. Specialized in design and ergonomy in the team. Working on the new website development and the HTML integration in particular.


  • February 2008 - First private web application
  • January 2010 - Beginning of the mobile application development
  • July 2010 - Publication of the Android application. First,we only write posts on some French speaking forums
  • July 2010 - Beginning of the new public website development
  • August 2010 - Post on international forums
  • August 8, 2010 - 1000 download cap reach


Do you often share charges for gifts, during holidays or to organize a party with friends? Isn't it always the same: some people don't drink wine, drivers pay toll fees and you're always buying pizzas for everyone! When many people do not participate in the same purchases, the refund calculation becomes headache.

Stop training your mental math with your friends money: use Kidoikoiaki.

Here is how it works:

  1. Enter your friend's name
  2. When someone buy something for at least two people, add a new purchase in the application
  3. Instantly, you'll see:
    • Who owes how to whom : the shortest way to pay your friends back and to be paid back.
    • A dashboard to know easily who spent the less or the more. It helps you to decide who will pay your next purchase.


  • Let's take 3 friends : Alice, Bob and Charlie. They are going together somewhere during holidays. Charlie got his own car. Alice and Bob use the same.
    • Alice paid toll fees (for Bob and her) : 36$
    • Bob paid gas : 16$
    • Charlie paid 30$ for pizzas for all of them
  • Without Kidoikoiaki:
    • Bob have to pay back 18$ for toll fees to Alice
    • Alice pays back 16$ to Bob for the gas
    • Alice pays back 10$ to Chalie for Pizza
    • And Bob also gives 10$ to Chalie
  • Kidoikoiaki would have say:
    • Bob owes 20$ to Charlie

And we are not talking about groceries, rental charges, ...
You can do the math yourself...or let Kidoikoiaki do it for you.

To install the App, Take a picture of this barcode, or search Kidoikoiaki on Android Market.

Featured comments:

by sylvinus (August 1, 2010)
Murielle Robin te remercie, très bonne appli

by kiko100 (July 31, 2010)
Excellent ! Design sympa, pratique, gratuite de surcroît... Bref, indispensable !

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